The owners of Mr Bones Pizza decided to step away from the business due to time constraints. They wanted to ensure their customers only received the best product and service and since they did not have the time to invest in the business the best decision at the time was to put Mr Bones Pizza into hibernation. The owners are pursuing and upgrading their education and enjoying this extra time they have with their families.
This is only a hiatus and they want to ensure their valuable customers know that Mr Bones Pizza will return one day.
(To learn more about the origins of Mr Bones Pizza and the originator, **CLICK HERE**)
In the meantime, the owners have opened an online business called Mr Bones Online Deals…………………

Mr. Bones Online Deals was created by the owners of Mr. Bones Pizza to keep the Mr Bones Name alive and to continue to be interactive with their customer base. The owners always tried to offer the best deals on their products to customers, so keeping with this theme, the owners opened the online business with the goal of searching out the best online deals they could find and post them to their followers to save big $$$